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Evolving in the Fintech World

Innovating in the Payments World

From LibreDTE to Dinn Opay: Our Journey

Dinn Opay was born from the extensive experience gained with LibreDTE, our electronic billing platform for Chile. After nearly a decade of successfully integrating various payment methods into LibreDTE, we decided to expand and specialize this service by creating Dinn Opay, a platform dedicated exclusively to payment solutions. This represents a natural evolution, leveraging our deep knowledge and success in electronic billing to address a broader range of payment needs and challenges.

Just like we did with BillMySales, which was created to extend the capabilities of LibreDTE, with Dinn Opay we're taking our expertise in digital payments to a new level. We offer a wider and more accessible range of payment solutions, not just for LibreDTE users but for a broader market. This expansion reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and adaptability in the rapidly changing world of digital payments.