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Management of Charges and Payments

Your accounts, your money; we will never have access to your funds

At Dinn Opay, our applications are at the core of our service offerings. Each app is a specific solution, designed for a particular use case in payment and financial transaction management. Exploring our app catalog, you'll find functionalities ranging from integrated payment gateways to advanced digital wallet systems.

These tools aim to streamline and simplify your business's financial operations by offering effective, tailored solutions. The goal is to revolutionize the management of financial transactions within your company.

The focus is on providing a seamless and diverse payment experience to meet the requirements of all stakeholders involved in your business.

Payment Gateway

Simplify Your Payments

This integrated solution simplifies accepting multiple payment methods, from cards to transfers, through a single interface. Designed to centralize and streamline financial transactions, it integrates with several providers, offering a unique connection point and removing the need for multiple agreements. Unlike other services, your money is not retained, ensuring direct transactions between your customer and you. This simplifies payment operations and enhances clarity for your customers.

Unification • Efficiency • Versatility

Use it with "Digital Wallet" to offer your customers quick payments and a consistent user balance.

Digital Wallet

Centralized Subscription Management

This digital wallet goes beyond a mere payment tool, forming an ecosystem for users to manage subscriptions, balances, and make purchases on your platforms. It facilitates recurring payments and service management. Users can choose to pay with wallet credits, enhancing customer experience, fostering loyalty, and allowing for credit allocation as rewards or benefits.

Flexibility • Control • Rewarding

Integrate it with "Recurring Charges" for efficient subscription management.

Recurring Charges

Automate Your Periodic Charges

This innovative tool is essential for efficiently managing subscriptions and services with regular payments. It offers extensive customization options, fitting various billing periods and currencies. Its versatility allows for personalized settings to manage bulk charges, including mass data uploads, exports, and bulk editing.

Automation • Customization • Multi-currency

Combine it with "Invoice Your Charges" for automatic generation of tax documents.

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Event Tickets

Your Event, Our Platform

An all-in-one, adaptable solution for ticket sales and management offering complete ticket customization, access control, and attendee management. Perfect for event organizers seeking efficiency, safety, and a personalized attendee experience. Its flexible technology supports barcodes, QR, or RFID as needed.

Customization • Security • Accessibility

Combine it with "Event Tokens" for a full event experience.

Event Tokens

Revolutionize Your Event Experience

Transform your events with a token and virtual wallet system for a cashless experience. This significantly enhances attendee security and comfort, while providing organizers with detailed control over event operations, stall efficiency, and valuable planning data.

Innovation • Cashless Experience • Control

Combine with "Mobile Payments" for a seamless and modern payment experience.

Provide a modern and smooth experience to your event attendees

Add modernity and security to your tickets. Raise funds more easily with a cashless system.

Mobile Payments

Payments at Your Fingertips

An advanced payment technology that includes NFC and QR for secure and rapid transactions, perfect for businesses aiming to speed up transactions and enhance the payment experience. This app gives customers access to multiple payment methods through an easy-to-use interface.

Speed • Convenience • Modernity

Combine it with "Digital Wallet" for quick and efficient payments on the go.

Invoice Your Charges

Perfect Tax Integration

A comprehensive solution that integrates the automatic generation of tax documents, such as with BillMySales, to simplify tax and accounting management for transactions. This feature ensures compliance with tax obligations without the manual effort of producing each transaction document.

Compliance • Automation • Integration

Use it with "Payment Gateway" to complete the transaction and billing cycle.

Receive Donations

We Help You Gain Support Easily

This app streamlines the process for NGOs and charitable causes to efficiently and transparently receive donations, offering tracking and automatic receipt generation. Flexible payment options include anonymous donations, one-time payments, or recurring subscriptions, with automatic generation of tax receipts for donors.

Solidarity • Flexibility • Transparency

Integrate it with "Mobile Payments" to facilitate donations at events or fairs.